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maybe you are getting married. maybe you want to step outside of your comfort zone. maybe you just want to honor your body and fall in love with yourself. whatever season of life you're in, a boudoir session is for you.

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Haley goes above and beyond for her shoots!! I did boudoir pictures with her, and I’m not the most confident person in the world—Haley made me feel so comfortable with Mimosas, music and her gassing me up! When I got the pictures back I was speechless….I couldn’t believe the woman in those pictures was me! Haley’s creativity and fun-loving personality makes her perfect for capturing people’s most special moments!! I loved her so much I booked her for my 30th birthday shoot🖤 10000/10 recommend HB Photo Co!

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why do a boudoir session?

As a woman who was born in the 90's and grew up in the age of fat free everything, and size 0 Victorias Secret models I have never felt like my body was enough. I have spent the majority of my teenage & adult life trying to fix my body in some way, because if society has taught me anything, it's that my body is problem. But what if we as women decided not to listen to the tabloids, the social media influencers, the supermodels, etc. What if we decided to celebrate our imperfections? Our cellulite, belly rolls, butt dimples, back pimples, scars, and unwanted hairs? What if we just accepted who we are in the season of life we are in?

A hard realization that has come to me at the ripe age of 24 is that I am not always going to be the youngest, hottest, most athletic version of myself. And I have decided to accept that. I have decided that my body is no longer a problem, and that I don't need to fix it. I invite you to do the same. I invite you to invest in this experience for yourself. Yes, it is scary. But I promise once we get started you will forget that you are mostly nude in front of some stranger you just met. The space I hold for you will always be a safe one.

What's included

  • Me, your personal hype woman
  • 60 Minutes of Shooting Time
  • Optional Mimosas
  • The Best Booty Shaking Playlist
  • Access to my favorite props
  • Complimentary polaroids
  • A password protected gallery
  • Options to add on: hair and makeup, luxury studio experience, & a custom leather album

Pricing Packages

The Glam

A lavish experience in my private studio. We will blast music, hype you up, optional mimosas, and access to all of my favorite props. I promise to have you dancing and laughing with me by the end of the session.


The Lux

It's kind of like a really fun spa day. All that is included in The Glam Package + more. This is a build your own package if you would like a different studio than mine, with options to add on hair and makeup. You won't regret investing in yourself.

From: $300


I. What if I don't want my photos shared on the internet?

I always ask for consent before publishing boudoir photos on my website and private page! You can absolutely opt out of that if you're not comfortable with it.

II. I am super self conscious of a certain part of my body. Can you help me pose to hide those areas?

I always ask if there are any parts you want me to be mindful of when posing you! We will cover all the basics, but I will focus most of my attention on accentuating those areas you love.

III. can you make me look skinnier?

I do not do any photoshopping to make your body appear as something its not! I am here to show you how beautiful you already are without needing to change anything about yourself. I do have tools to make your skin look smoother and I am happy to photoshop any unwanted blemishes, scars, out of place hairs, etc.

IV. How long does it take to receive the photos and how will those be delivered?

Gallery delivery typically takes 4-6 weeks. I will send your online gallery back to you via your preferred form of communication & it will be password protected!

V. Can I see a full gallery before I book with you?

Of course! I am happy to send you a sample gallery. Just fill out my contact form!