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Your business is one of a kind and your content should be too! What is the voice you want to give your clients - classy and approachable? Fun and easygoing? Professional and trustworthy? We will dive deep into what your key values are & put that on display to welcome current clients and attract future ones.

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Commercial Packages


Quick and easy, get about 10-20 options to choose from. This is the perfect update to keep your brand fresh.
Recommended for: business cards, profile pictures, minor updates

$150 + tax


A base level branding session for up to a team of 4. You will get multiple headshot options, social media content, website fillers & more. Expect 75-90 images returned to you!
Recommended for: website updates, social media refresh, small teams

$250 + tax


Go above and beyond with your content! Headshots for up to a team of 10, group photos, social media content, website and blog fillers, etc.
Recommended for: new businesses, large teams, those wanting more creativity in their brands appearance

$450 + tax


I. Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

Travel fees are additional and apply to locations farther than 30 miles from my home address in Hodgenville, KY. They will be included in your initial proposal, no hidden fees here!

II. How many photos will we get back?

This is different for every session - but, I typically deliver 75-90 photos per hour of shooting time. Rest assured you will get all the best edited images I can give you!

III. How will we receive our photos?

I only do digital galleries. The link will be sent to you via your preferred method of communication. You will be allowed to download, share, and print whatever you want from there. You do not have to order prints from my site, but it does assure the best quality if you do! The gallery link will be valid for 1 year post delivery.

IV. How long does it take to get the photos back?

My typical editing time is 3-6 weeks!

V. We are awkward in front of the camera. Will you tell us what to do?

Of course! My photography style is based on authenticity. I am all about capturing you and your lover or your family in the most candid way. I do not do a lot of stiff "smile at the camera" posing. We will do a lot of laughing, walking, tickling, running, jumping, dancing, etc. I always ask you to get comfortable in a pose, and you can always tell me no if my creative brain gets a little too crazy for ya. Your session will be wholeheartedly about you and preserving all of your best little qualities.